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An All-New Slights of the Roundtable Episode!

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Episode 123: Play On, Munky

Jimmie is finally back with us this week after a prolonged absence and we break down his busy work schedule and his personal life going to hell in a handbasket.  What better music to accompany such a journey than KoЯn? Of course things could be worse, he could be taking pictures of himself with fake mustaches, which we all agree is an offense worthy of execution as are our opinions on teachers having sex with students being the same for both genders and historic phone calls between countries that haven’t spoke in over 30 years. Just listen along with Cynthia. 

The debut episode of The Nick Hausman Show!

Nick spends the first 10 minutes discussing why he’s decided to start podcasting; as well as a quick recap of his career in Chicago.

The rest of the show is dedicated to an interview with his good friend and 2012 Best Stand-up in Chicago (Chicago Reader), Sherman Edwards!

They talk about:

- Growing up black in Virginia

- The weirdness of thinking your life is a reality TV Show

- High School and College life as a musician and actor

- Moving to Chicago on a whim

- And, starting out at Second City and touring with BrownCo

It’s the first episode! Support! Share!

Twitter @NickHausmanShow

An All-New Slights of the Roundtable Episode!

Episode 119: Acquired on Lien 

Jimmie is still at large and we’re still in denial that he is too busy for us these days which is why we’ve brought back a very comforting presence: Ms. Megan Renner. Megan joins in our conversations about knowing you’re going to marry someone from the moment you meet them and that being complete horseshit, public transportation, the attractiveness of the Obama gals, noses, bullying and Oprah. Sadly, we did not have pizza after the show so you should feel even more sorry for us than usual.

Check out Mick Betancourt’s new podcast - The Mick Betancourt Show. He has comics, writers, producers, directors, fighters, chefs, and all kind of creatives talking about how they went about achieving their dreams! 

Check it out and let him know what you think. 

Here is the iTunes link:

And the Stitcher link:

An All-New Slights of the Roundtable Episode!

Episode 117: Not the Chapel, Sistine

The three of us are back together, this time for an entire show! So if you want to be lectured about how comedy and entertainment isn’t noble you came to the right place. Just be sure that your legacy is secure for altruistic reasons, take the appropriate words out of your vernacular, stop saying “like” and call up your hedge fund friend. Let’s go!



Episode 2 of the Audio Sketch Podcast Spike The Vodka is Up! This time we visit the First Game of Baseball, Horrible Customer Service, The Sweet Beats of Court Television Theme Songs, The Secret To Happiness, Moon Aliens and The Oldest Man on Facebook! Come on in, the water’s weird!

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An All-New Slights of the Roundtable Episode!

Episode 76: Goo Goo Guitar Licks


We give you a little extra this week. Not only do you get a brain teaser involving aliens but you’ll also get a lesson in sperm competition theory (a lesson meaning we acknowledge that it exists and show that we barely have a grasp on its details). There is also a bomb dropped about a certain Slight crying about a certain movie on a plane. Embarrassment is always entertaining to listen to, right? Sell out and click it. 

An All-New Slights of the Roundtable Episode!

Episode 64: Daddy, I Want More

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This week’s episode is special and not because it’s mom has told it is, but because we have a special guest with us. Drew Kearse sits in for Michael this week and regales us with his funny jokes and natural charm. Of course after the show he used those qualities to get us involved in a pyramid scheme that has already left us desolate and more haggard. So enjoy us with microphones while you can!

An All-New Slights of the Roundtable Episode!

Episode 68: Two Can Wait

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We’re down to two men this week and things get intimate. You can listen to a man with cancer offer up some perspective on life in a moving, honest way then immediately go into  a conversation about cotton candy flavored vaginas, Madonna and the similarities between George Zimmerman and David Bowie. It’s just Jimmie and Matt this week trying to amuse each other without feather ticklers. Yikes!

An All-New Slights of the Roundtable Episode!

Episode 65: Caught Off A Dive

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This week we record part of the show at Wrigley Field but don’t worry, we don’t turn into drunken shitheads automatically once we arrive. You could argue we’ve been drunken shitheads all along and you’d have a strong case if we weren’t stone cold sober during every broadcast but that’s for us to discuss with the devil next week. In the mean time, press play to hear baseball talk, how Noah’s ark might’ve been a stretch and the appeal of erotica. And here comes the pitch…